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 A Vast Majority Of America Is Unequipped To Make Good Financial Decisions.

Did You Know?

Could This Be You?

  • I have NO long term investment & savings strategies.
  • I'm unsure of where all my money goes.
  • Investing in stocks & bonds make me nervous
  • Unsure of the best time to invest?
  • Debt scares me and makes me uncomfortable
  • I wish I could increase my income & decrease my expenses
  • Unclear how taxes  & outside economic factors influence me
  • I would like to never HAVE to work again, but don't know how that works
  • I need to buy a home or a car, but I want to be smart about it
  • My parents never talked to me about money at home
  • I'm tired of searching the internet for confusing answers to money questions
A Quick 4-1-1

Kālā Foundations is the online course that should be offered in all colleges and high schools. It covers the information that has been withheld for years by big institutions so they can continue to make money off of the average American.  

By integrating a multimedia format with lesson structures that cater to all learning styles, this program will give you the tools and knowledge you need to make smart money decisions for life. 

Lessons are taught with text, images, videos, quizzes, case studies, activities, lectures, worksheets, and real life examples all designed to help you to make life's hard money decisions.

Everything You Should Know About Personal Finance. All In One Place!

Learn How To:

  • ​Complete A Current Budget & Develop An Ideal Budget
  • ​Identify Financial Behavior
  • ​Identify Specific Financial Life Stage
  • ​Set Good Goals
  • ​Evaluate Savings 
  • ​Buy Your First Home Or Car
  • ​Evaluate Renting vs Buying
  • ​Develop Investment Plan
  • ​​ Pay Down Debt
  • ​Fund Education Goals
  • ​Evaluate Insurance Coverage
  • ​Build A Financial Calendar 
  • ​Build Credit
  • ​Calculate Net Worth
  • ​Buy A Car
  • ​Building Your Team
  • ​Increase Money Mindset 
  • Create Your Personal Financial Plan That Maps To Success
  • Create Your Personal Financial Plan That Maps To Success
Results Matter...

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It's All About Freedom & Sanity

Have you ever had one of those epiphany moments?

Where the sky's open and it becomes crystal clear on what you need to do and why...

That was me a few years ago.

After meeting with a diverse client roster and listening to their pain points, regrets and answering their basic financial literacy questions, this epiphany blindsided me like a 300 pound lineman.

I felt sick, tired, and heartbroken.

Hearing the same regrets and explaining the same basic financial principles (that everyone should have known already) did not feel like the most effective way to create change for the community I care about.

It was depressing seeing smart people with no money common sense.

These doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers, servicemen/women, teachers, and firefighters (to name a few) never had the opportunity to learn the fundamental wisdom necessary to make good financial decisions.

By the time they started their career, financial literacy ranked low on the priority totem pole.

No one had the time or energy to sift through the internet for answers.

No one had role models or mentors to learn from.

No one had shown them the profound impact financial literacy has on living a fulfilling and stress free life!

In fact, the only people who seemed motivated to learn financial literacy principles were the people who were experiencing significant financial pain (debt, divorce, job loss etc...). 

And by the time they realized they needed help, it was too late...

Financial health is about being proactive, not reactive.

This is why I am so passionate about inspiring people to take action now, before it is too late!

And why I created a self-paced, online, financial literacy program.

To help save smart, hardworking professionals from the same financial boobie traps and  pitfalls that ruin lives, rip apart marriages and limit freedoms.

To help people avoid wasting their precious time and money.

No more sifting through the internet for confusing and inaccurate financial advice,

No paying a financial advisor thousands of dollars,

No winging it when it comes to financial health.

Similar to reading, writing, and math... everyone needs to understand certain core principals to survive our complex financial world.

My mission is to help education, guide, inspire and coach people towards their fullest financial potential. 

Bottom line, financial literacy is an important skill you need to have to thrive in our modern and elaborate world.

Kālā Foundations provides the financial education that is lacking in our communities. 

A Peculiar Recipe For Success 

Cook up some money!

Have you ever REALLY defined what financial success looks like to you and your family? Like sat down and asked yourself the hard questions?

Daydreaming about what your future home or car looks like or where you'll be taking your next vacation doesn't count... Especially without a plan to back it up.

It's all superficial fluff.

Have you dug deeper and asked yourself:

- Do I know what I want out of life?
- What brings me joy and happiness?
- What do I have to work with?
- How much time, income, assets and resources can I leverage?
- Will it be enough? Can I do more? Should I do more?
- What does it take?
- What is the next small step that will move me closer to my end destination?
My name is Ethan Ho and I'm a CFP® & the CEO of Kālā Capital Partners. I've had the privilege of working with thousands of families to help them identify their why, what, how and how much.

Through these interactions I've observed interesting human traits that amplify success and happiness like a bodybuilder on steroids.

People that possess these "success" characteristics seem to attract money and opportunity like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

Wherever they go, a catchy little jingle seems to pull in opportunities like a magnet.

Would you like to know the ingredients to the success sandwich?

It's a healthy dose of fear, confidence and coachability.

1) They are fearful they won't live up to their full potential, which leads to an insatiable hunger and drive to improve.
2) They are confident they can work through whatever life throws their way.
3) They have the humility to ask for help and apply the time tested wisdom taught.
Is this you?

Are you afraid of not tapping your full potential?

Confident that you have the ability to have a massive impact on yourself and the people you love?

Are you humble enough to learn from subject matter experts?

If so, I invite you to begin increasing your financial IQ and planning for your own success with Kala Foundations.

The content of this course will teach you the guiding principles the wealthy use to manage their money. 

Avoid 5 Common Misconceptions And Limiting Money Beliefs That Keep People From Achieving Their Dreams

1) I Don't Make Enough Money  

Regret Favors Non-Action Takers 

Have Your Money Make You Money

How would you feel if I told you the biggest deterrent to achieving your goals in life are your beliefs & choices? Not your income and situation.

That it is less about how much you make and more about what you can keep and learn how to multiply... 

Meeting with thousands of families and helping them through various life stages has made one thing crystal clear.

Regret follows those who think, but do not act.

People's greatest regrets come from what they did not do, not what they did do. 
Almost every client I meet with wishes they started earlier and did more.

They wish they were taught how to make good financial decisions earlier in life.

That they didn't need to "learn the hard way."

This is the inspiration behind the creation of Kala Foundations.

It is easy to be, "young without money, but you can't be old without it." - Tennessee Williams

To have money when you are old takes knowledge, planning and execution.

Thankfully, creating wealth and obtaining financial freedom is not about making the most money, but about making the least financial mistakes.

Some of the most common and costly mistakes are derived from a lack of action...which stems from a lack of knowledge.

The lack of knowledge is a result of people's unwillingness to seek education from a quality source.

That free advice found on the internet or from friends/family members is good enough.

Just like using a recipe to cook, different ingredients will lead to different results. Quality ingredients will lead to quality results.

Whatever recipe to financial success you decide to use, failure to understand the components behind it will always keep you short of your dreams.

For the price of a 1 night stay in a nice hotel you can have access to
Kālā Foundations.

This is your cookbook to financial freedom.

Learn how to avoid the mistakes that cost the average American over $1,600 a year-- for less than a third of the price!

2)  I Don't Have Enough Money

Choose To Be A Winner 

True or False?

I want to live a life where money is never a concern? (T/F)

I have spent outrageous amounts of money on less meaningful things like fast food, alcohol and non-essentials? (T/F)

It may be surprising, but a quick Google search will reveal that a majority of the wealthiest people in the world are self-made.

That is right.

They started with nothing and rose like a phoenix through the financial hierarchy.

No handouts, no freebies, no nothing.They worked, learned, failed, worked more, learned more, and ultimately won.

These people aren't more special than you and I and they certainly have no superpowers that you don't.

What they did do, that most don't, is make an undebatable choice.

They decided to win at this game we call life.

They chose to learn and implement skills that separate themselves from the masses.

How to properly handle your money is absolutely one of these skills!

Now the question is, will you choose to be a winner?

Will you choose a life full of freedom and options?

Will you stop making excuses and prepare yourself?

Can you commit to learning and implementing the priceless lessons found in Kālā Foundations before being steamrolled by a financial hardship?  

3) Not Enough Time

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow 

You possess something that people would literally kill for...

It's something you share in common with every millionaire or billionaire on this planet. 

It's one of life's greatest gifts, but also a double-edged sword. It's an opportunity and a weakness all in one...

It can be efficiently spent or squandered frivolously. In the end, it means everything. 

The homes you own, cars you drive, and money you make are meaningless in comparison.

If you haven't guessed it by now, it's TIME!

With enough time, anything is possible. But when your time is up, you will give anything for just one more moment.

You know this, but I need to say it. Your time is not guaranteed, so you need to spend it wisely!

The sad truth is, most people don't. They procrastinate, delay, and make excuses.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams and will rob you of the life you deserve.

Frankly, when it comes to growing your money and achieving financial freedom you have two options:

1) Let time work against you or;

2) Make time work for you.

Which will you choose?

The sooner you can learn and internalize what I teach here in Kala Foundations, the sooner you can put time back on your side.

The largest financial mistakes people make feel insubstantial today.

Fast forward twenty to thirty years and the slightest mistake has snowballed into a peerless mountain.

Time is a tricky beast that will work against you when you let procrastination win.

A small mistake that costs $1 everyday can feel unimportant. Make that same mistake for 20 years and it now becomes a life changing amount of money.

To be clear, the mistakes covered in this program are not $1/day mistakes, they are hundreds of, if not thousands of dollars a day kind of mistakes.

It's not a joking matter.

One of the most common excuses I hear is, "I am just too busy, there is NOT ENOUGH TIME."

I get it, between work, family, health, chores, errands, cooking, cleaning, and the other billion things taking over your to-do list, it can be daunting to learn a new skill.

But if you want to live a life of freedom, options, and possibilities, then you NEED TO MAKE TIME!

Time spent learning practical money management skills will pay dividends for life.

Use the button below to get started.

Time is money...

And your time is ticking.

4) I Can Do It By Myself 

At What Cost?

Doing It Yourself Doesn't Need To Feel So Lonely

Another common, nonsense excuse I hear from people regularly is the idea that, when it comes to managing money, they do not need any help or guidance.

-They tell me things like: I can do it by myself.
-This doesn't seem very hard.
-Google is free, why should I pay?

Secretly, I know what they are thinking...

They are asking themselves, is the price worth it for me? Will I get more out of this than I put into it...?

Simply put, YES!

For the price of a plane ticket, you can learn the practical skills that will help you improve your life, for life.

I won't bore you with all the examples I can think of...
Like why professional athletes have coaches, entrepreneurs have mentors, or why people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for schooling (half of which they will never actually use in the "real world").

The fact is, learning to manage your money properly is a vital life skill we all need to possess.

It will affect every aspect of your life... For better or worse.

Good money habits are not typically taught by parents, teachers, or friends.

Financial advisors charge thousands of dollars a year to coach and mentor clients through this learning process.

Want to know why?

It's not because choosing the best investments or building a rainy day fund (although important) is the end all be all.

It's because good money management is about learning how to make good decisions for yourself and your family, for the rest of your life!

These decisions are formed by your understanding and financial knowledge.

That is what this program is about- education.

Instead of being forced to scour the internet for half truths or conflicting and confusing articles,

Instead of hiring a financial advisor and paying them truck loads of money,

Instead of relying on your friends and family for advice as a "self-proclaimed finance guru,

Instead of just winging it...

Consider Kālā Foundations as an investment. An investment in yourself.

Here you will learn the tools, tactics, and strategies that will allow you to sleep well at night knowing you made the best, most logical, and knowledgeable money decisions for yourself and your family.

5) I Didn't Know This Could Be Possible

STOP Short Changing Yourself!

If the message wasn't clear enough before, let me say it again.

Financial freedom is yours for the taking!

I am giving you the keys to the safe.

Kālā Foundations is the key! 

It gives you access to information that has been safeguarded by institutions for years.

Information purposefully withheld so the "big boys" can transfer your money to their pockets.

Understanding what is taught in this program can turn sheep into shepherds, the hunted into the hunters, and can flip your life upside down (obviously, for the better).

Financial freedom may sound like a foreign concept for many.

Most people can't even perceive, let alone know, how much money they would need to retire.

The lack of belief in their success could certainly have to do with the environment that they grew up in... but not anymore!

Kālā Foundations will provide you with the tools you need to shift your mindset from CAN NOT to CAN.

NO to YES. 

Who me to yes, ME!

All great journeys and actions begin with a single thought.

Thought leads to action.

And action leads to results.

Let Kālā Foundations be your next actionable step to achieving your dreams. 

Join the Kala Family today!

"You Gotta Be Crazy Not To Buy" Guarantee

Without a doubt, Kālā Foundations can increase your quality of life.

With a small one-time investment that is less than your smartphone, you can gain lifetime access to the education you never had that teaches the practical knowledge you need to earn more and make more money daily.

Remember, your financial success is not guaranteed, you still need to put in the work.

However, I can guarantee that if you do not find the information in Kālā Foundation to be valuable then you have 30 days to ask for your money back, no justification needed. 

Kālā Foundations Online Financial Literacy Program

  Psychology and Money Mindset  (Value $149)
  Savings, Expenses, Budgeting  (Value $149)
  Account Management (Value $149)
  Loans & Debts (Value $149)
  Credit Profile  (Value $149)
  Income  (Value $149)
  Economics & Government Influences  (Value $149)
  Risk Management & Insurance  (Value $149)
  Investing & Financial Planning  (Value $149)
  Education & Skill Development  (Value $149)
  Lifetime Access To Future Updates & Video Guides  (Value $249)
  Over 100 Activities To Develop Your Plan  (Value $149)
  Epic PowerPoint Deck  (Value $49)
  Access to Facebook Student Group  (Value $99)
Total Value: $2,036
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